Looking forward to a busy weekend for The Quik Beats. Checkout our gig guide for details #thequik
Some cool footage from our Artrix gig! http://t.co/T1o6y4BWNh
Looking forwards to playing the Hop Pole tonight (12/7/14), gonna be a hot one! #thequik
The Quik has a show on 2014-07-12 at 21:00 @ The Hop Pole Inn in Bromsgrove, WOR http://t.co/3FjWdLTxG7 #concert
The Quik has a show on 2014-06-14 at 21:00 @ The Oast House in Redditch, WOR http://t.co/59ZEHLkfHm #concert
The Quik has a show on 2014-06-07 at 21:00 @ Katiefitzgerald's in Stourbridge, WBK http://t.co/HYLtqXHMPA #concert
The Quik has a show on 2014-05-30 at 21:00 @ The Fleet Street Kitchen in Birmingham, WBK http://t.co/RUETI6aGJF #concert
The Quik has a show on 2014-05-25 at 21:00 @ O'neills in Solihull, WBK http://t.co/9dK8IrRm2j #concert
Looking forward to playing the @ArtrixArts tonight with @TheFliks. 1 ticket left to sell on the door and check the box office for returns.
The Quik has a show on 2014-05-03 at 20:00 @ The Artrix in Bromsgrove http://t.co/M7ZTgL13O6 #concert
Looking forward to playing the @ArtrixArts theatre on Saturday with @TheFliks, only a few tickets left so book in advance 2 be sure #thequik
The Quik has a show on 2014-04-18 at 21:00 @ The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth, HAM http://t.co/AFq9SvxJjS #concert
The Quik has a show on 2014-03-21 at 20:00 @ The Hop Pole in Bromsgrove, WOR http://t.co/EKdKHu9as7 #concert
The Quik has a show on 2014-03-19 at 20:00 @ The Jam House in Birmingham http://t.co/NxGW5WipYL #concert
Looking forward to playing the Fleet Street Kitchen Friday night. Its a fantastic and exclusive venue, with great cocktails too! #thequik
RT @Fleetstkitchen: Don't forget tomorrow night @Fleetstkitchen we have the mod rockers @TheQuikMusic back for a second instalment of 60s f…
The Quik has a show on 2014-03-14 at 12:00 @ Fleet Street Kitchen in Birmingham, WEST http://t.co/UZertV57KA #concert
The Quik has a show on 2014-03-01 at 12:00 @ Katie Fitzgeralds in Stourbridge http://t.co/ErFGmFmv9J #concert
The Quik has a show on 2014-02-23 at 18:30 @ The Slug and Lettuc... in Solihull, WEST http://t.co/wtQW0m8x2V #concert
Our first visit to the Slug an Lettuce in Solihull this Sunday. Looking forward to it! #thequik

About The Quik Beats

The Quik Beats are the UK based band that are bringing an authentic 1960’s live music experience to a new generation of music lovers. Drawing inspiration from the explosion of exciting new bands that burst on to the British ‘beat’ scene in the mid-sixties, The Quik Beats seek to recreate the live music experience that was available in the coolest clubs in swinging London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester in the mid and late sixties.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be part of the ‘Ready Steady Go’ generation, don’t delay, ‘make the scene’ and get to a groovy Quik Beats gig soon

The Real Sound of the Sixties

At a Quik Beats gig you can expect to hear an eclectic mix of familiar favourites from artists like The Small Faces and The Spencer Davis Group and The Kinks, rare soul from Nolan Porter and Julian Covey, foot stomping instrumentals from the likes of Booker T and a whole range of other classic tracks that’ll remind you why the 60s was the most important decade in music history! Check out our Jukebox page for more.

Whether your looking for soaring vocals, the authentic swirling tones of a classic Hammond organ or the inimitable sound of a vintage valve amp you can be sure the Quik Beats will deliver.

To learn more about The Quik Beats, head over to the sounds/pictures section where you can watch live video, see photo galleries and buy the band’s new EP single. To find out when they’re next playing near you there’s the gig guide. And if you’re interested in booking the band check the Promoters page first and then just get in touch.

Band Members

Double-O Dino


Nick Z



Book the Band

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Latest Blog Updates

Stan Update

Hello, Time for a Quik update on Stan. After a long but successful operation we are all relieved to be able to announce that Stan appears to be well on the road to recovery. No tunes have left his mouth...

New Website

Hello, our new website it up as you can see. I hope you like it? It has taken a load of work and time to do but I feel its a major and tasteful update to what was a pretty...

O’Neill’s Dep

We’re looking forward to playing the O’Neill’s in Solihull on Saturday 26th July. We’ll be missing our leader and front man Stan but are pleased to announce our guest vocalist…. Adam Banks on loan from 7th-Son!